Women in Boots

Both Diane and i grew up and went to school in cold weather climates.  Later, we began our professional careers in the Northeast where winters were rather harsh and summers way too short.  Later, opportunities arose for both of us so we relocated to the Southwest where the climate is much warmer.

We've been here awhile and i can't help but notice that some women here just can't wait to wear their boots.  The first sign of the temperatures dropping into the 70's around October brings out their boots.  They're in the minority of course, but there are still quite a few of them.   For someone who's lived in the Northeast, i have to say that it looks kind of funny.

i can't help but think that those women that do wear boots when it's really not that cold have more than just a "fashion reason" to do so.  i wouldn't be the least bit surprised that they have some sort of fetish (mild or otherwise) related to their desire to wear the boots.

The other day Diane called and gave me a short list of errands to run.  Temps here were in the high 60's and sunny.  i stood in line at the Post Office to buy some specific Christmas stamps she wanted for about ten minutes.  I noticed a woman at the counter being served by the clerk who was wearing some very nice looking brown leather boots that went right below the knee.  With her lovely white
slacks and a light brown sweater, she looked quite sexy.  i couldn't help but stare at her from behind as she leaned over the counter.  i admired both from a male's and sissy's perspective (jealous of the outfit).

A moment or two later i just happened to notice that the woman directly in front of me had a pair of lovely high heeled knee length black boots and a very tight pair of jeans.  I estimated her age to be mid to late 40's.  She looked even sexier than the woman at the counter.  She had a rather stern and dominant look which made her even more exciting to me.

Soon it was my turn and the women with boots were gone.  Walking out with the stamps for Diane I noticed another woman walking in wearing boots with even higher heels.

The women in boots helped the time in line go by faster.  It also got me to thinking that there are probably more potentially dominant woman around that i thought there were!


sissy terri

P.S.  - had a lovely time with Jake yesterday afternoon.  More on that next week.