My Bisexual Sissy Urges

It's been months since i've been with a man but my bisexual urges and fantasies haven't lessened at all.  If you recall, Diane decided that She didn't want me to be having an "affair" with Jake or any other man.  When that happened back in February, i was growing frustrated with Jake and his "on again off again" need for bi sex.  When he was in the mood it was very good.  When he wasn't, i wouldn't hear from him for weeks.

Just prior to Diane's decision i was also corresponding with a man named Howard.  He seemed like a great guy and the type of Dom i was looking for.  Unfortunately, i couldn't proceed with Howard and told him so.  i even told him why.  Howard thought i was a very lucky submissive. 

A couple of weeks ago, Jake contacted me again via email and asked me to give him a call.  i used to see him at the gym once and awhile but i hadn't seem him there in months either.  i was reluctant to call him and procrastinated about it.  i decided i would but thought it best that i let Diane know first.  She had no objection to my calling him in response to his email.

i talked to Jake for more than an hour when i finally called.  A couple of things have changed in his life, giving him more free time to play golf and do other things.  And naturally, once again he's interested in meeting with me like we used to with assurances that this time it would be different.  He says he's had the urge for awhile, and it's not going away this time.  i have reason to be doubtful but, i also have reason to want to give it another try....if only i could.  "Let me think it over" is how i left it.  However, we both left the conversation very aroused.  He certainly knows how to make me feel sissy and femme when he wants to.

i talked to Diane about our conversation and Jake's request.  "Are you asking for permission to see him?" She asked.  i told Her i wasn't sure, but that if i wanted to, knew that i would need Her permission.  She told me to let Her know when i decided what i wanted to do.

We had a follow up discussion about it last night and i told Her that i'd like to give it another try with Jake and asked for permission.  i wasn't totally surprised that She said "yes" though i was certainly prepared for a "no" answer.  But with Diane, nothing is as simple as it seems.  She's going to allow me to see Jake, but not just yet.  "I'll let you know when you can start seeing him" is what She told me.  In the meantime, i'm supposed to tell him i'm still mulling it over if he asks. 

i don't know how long Diane is going to make me wait, nor do i know why She's doing so.  If i didn't have to wait, i would probably call Jake and invite him over today.  i'm home alone and would dress in anything he wanted.  i'm aching to please him. 

i'm hoping that he's going to be as dominant and as charming as he sounded on the phone when we talked.  i know he can be.  i want to feel his hands roaming over me.  i want him to put me over his lap and spank me.  i want to drop to my knees and please him.   My list of wants is long, very long.

i hope Diane doesn't make me wait too long.


sissy terri