Early Sissy Reading

Growing up with two older sisters while simultaneously discovering my interest in crossdressing and other feminine things made for some interesting situations and wonderful opportunities.  i'm sure my Mom suspected but never came right out and said anything.  She never made a big deal about the few times a pair of my sister's panties were found in one of my drawers, though my sisters did tease me about it. 

i was careful about it and would do my best to return everything i ever "borrowed" to its rightful place.  i also did it when i knew i'd be alone for a decent period of time.  Those opportunities became more frequent when both sisters were off to college.  Whatever was left behind was mine to enjoy to the fullest whenever i could.  Their school uniforms were some of my favorites!

Another source of sissy sexual excitement for me was Seventeen Magazine.  i don't know if it's still around in print but it is available online.  Back then, it seemed to be the most popular magazine for teenaged girls and i wonder how many other sissies like me enjoyed it as well?  There were always plenty of copies around our house because believe it or not, my parents allowed each of them to have a subscription in order to keep the peace and reduce the number of arguments between the two of them.  i never said anything but i would have also liked to have had my own subscription!  The pictures of all the pretty girls in the magazine were my favorite but believe it or not like a true sissy, i actually read many of the articles!

Today's sissies have access to so much sissy or femme-related material on the internet it just doesn't seem fair.  How did we ever get by in the 70's and 80's without it?  We've made plenty of progress haven't we?  i can only imagine...i mean fantasize....about what the future will hold.  Perhaps a "sissy
version" of Seventeen?

Well, here's a little peak into the future courtesy of As The Worm Turns, one of Stana's lovely little blogs that looks at things with a rather progressive eye!

What sissy wouldn't want to know how to select the right bra size?  Develop a cute butt or how to hide that annoying little "boy bulge?"

Now that's what i call progress!


sissy terri