Just Like a Good Wife

Diane is on call this weekend so She's not going to be around that much.  Earlier this morning, just before She left for the office She suggested we stay home tonight and have a quiet evening together.  This was contrary to what She'd decided last night when we planned to go out for a movie and late dinner. 

The tone in Her voice was unmistakable.  She was strongly hinting that She wanted a romantic evening together.  A romantic evening between a normal couple and one between a Dominant Wife and Her sissy cuckold husband are very different and similar at the same time.  Their differences are quite obvious and so are the similarities.  In our case, they're probably identical with the exception that the roles are reversed.

Diane's tone may have been unmistakable, but She went one step further by telling me that i could choose the strap-on i wanted Her to wear and to have it ready when She got home. 

"Get yourself ready too.  Nice and pretty for me."  Those were Her last instructions. 

i've written about "sissy primping" before, and i'll be doing plenty of that this afternoon.  i haven't decided what to wear but i'll have several options ready to go.  i'm hoping Diane gives me a call or sends me a text this afternoon when She has a moment or two.  If She does i'll probably get some idea of how She wants me to dress. 

She might want me to be immediately ready for a quick getaway to the bedroom, or maybe relaxing together with a glass of wine in just a pair of bra and panties.  Maybe She'll want me totally dressed, or in a swimsuit for a splash in the pool before we fool around.  Those are my immediate thoughts, but there are many other possibilities as well. 

Whatever She wants, or whatever i'm allowed to decide on my own, there will be plenty of sissy primping on my part.

It's something i enjoy and look forward to.  Having a Dominant Wife to primp for is the dream of every sissy.  Maybe not every sissy i'm sure it is for those of us who are married.  Some of us also fantasize about what it would be like to do all that primping for a man.  Just like a wife does for her husband.

Here's a pretty picture of a woman doing just that...

Domesticated Wife

  i enjoyed the picture but was also smitten by the beautiful comment that was added beneath it:

"Taking care of my general appearance, my grooming and all the little details that make a woman desirable, it is an obligation and not only a pleasure or a sign of vanity.

It must be this way to be always pleasing to the eye of my husband, to make him feel good and he’s proud of me.

Whether you're doing it for a Dominant Wife, a husband or any other partner, do it as best as you can.  i will.  i want to be the best wife i can.  


sissy terri