Just One of the Girls

i kept myself busy over the Labor Day weekend, mostly with girly and sissy stuff.  In addition to housework, running errands, doting on Diane and even Her friend Linda on Sunday and Monday, we also spent plenty of time on the phone with our daughter planning her wedding even though it's still months away.  Diane teased me about bringing another "feminine perspective" to the wedding planning process even though i'm really the father of the bride.

Linda came over for dinner on Sunday and ended up spending the night because of a an extra vodka tonic or two.  Not a coincidence that she stayed in the same guest bedroom i'm going to be in later this afternoon when Diane hosts Paul in our master bedroom.  It is Wednesday of course and a day that Diane looks forward to every week.  This one's special since She hasn't seen Paul in awhile.

Linda arrived around mid-afternoon on Sunday to enjoy some time by the pool.  She was a little subdued because of the sudden death of one of her cousins and was making plans to travel on Tuesday or Wednesday to attend the funeral on Thursday.  Her mood did lighten up a little and Diane let her know that i'd be joining them in my new one piece swimsuit.  Linda's been absolutely great when it comes to making me feel at ease when it comes to my crossdressing.  Sure she joins Diane with a few teases here and there but i've become more comfortable being myself in front of her.

i was in charge of dinner and Diane made sure that i changed into something more appropriate for cooking and serving.  A maids uniform wasn't appropriate because i would be grilling some fish and asparagus outdoors so i changed into a pair of white shorts and a pretty pink top that i covered with a very feminine looking apron.

i also did my best to set the table as expertly as possible, with some fresh cut flowers and perfectly
placed silverware.  i'm amazed at how much i enjoy doing these things.  These little tasks are what real men would identity as "women's work" and that probably adds to the intrigue of why i enjoy it.  Doing them as service to others, to impress them and taking pride in the tasks also adds to my enjoyment.

Just before serving dinner Diane got an unexpected call from Paul.  He had some time alone and decided to call Her.  i went about my business as Diane talked with Paul right in front of Linda.  Only at the very end of the conversation did She move out of earshot to have a little privacy.

As i reflect on the weekend i see how bizarre and strange it might seem to many people.  At the same time i'm happy that it all seemed to be very natural to me, Diane and even her friend  Linda!


sissy terri