Backseam Panties

Doesn't everyone have their preferences when it comes to panties?  Whether it be the panty you're going to put on or the one you're going to see on someone else, we all have our favorites. 

i'm not just referring to women or sissies either.  i'm pretty sure straight alpha males like to see certain panties on their women, and bisexual alpha males certainly have their favorites when it comes to their own sissies.

i can attest to that.  When i was with Jake, his favorite were the ones that had a seam up the backside.  When he finally mentioned it to me i started searching high and low for them and eventually bought a few.

Now, i just love this type of panty and i'm without a man to wear them for!  Go figure.

All i can say is they look beautiful and sexy on butts of all sizes. 

Hope you enjoyed :)


sissy terri