Accepting my Submission

It was an up and down weekend for me.  i did some wonderful "wifey" things for and with Diane and had some awesome intimate time with Her.  It was more time than i would have expected considering it was Her weekend to be on call. 

Diane didn't get to spend any face to face time with Her lover Paul, but they did get a chance to talk a few times over the phone.  i was privy to  two of those conversations.  During one of them, i was giving Diane a pedicure and when it was over had to sit patiently at Her feet until their phone call was over.  It lasted nearly an hour.

The phone call weaved back and forth between highly erotic talk and work-related talk.  Sometimes the two subjects blended and there was also small social talk.  Diane's insistence that i listen passively and remain still and quiet throughout just added another layer of submissiveness to my already highly sub nature, or whatever you want to call it.  i've done this before but on Sunday, i found it more difficult than usual.

What happened later in the day was difficult for me as well.  The two of us were in bed together and i was thoroughly enjoying the taste of Diane, relishing Her reactions to my kisses, nibbles, licking and sucking between Her thighs.  She was definitely enjoying it more than She usually does and that got me even more aroused than i usually am.

She had several mini orgasms before a wonderful climax.  Her satisfaction was evident and She went out of Her way to thank me for being so attentive to Her needs.  All of this made me want Her so much.  i was highly excited and eventually did something totally out of character.  As i knelt between Her legs holding my penis (which i had slid out of one of the leg openings of the panties i was wearing) i smiled at Diane and slowly let the tip of it slide back and forth over the lips of Her vagina.  "May i" i asked Her.

Before i tell you what happened, let me say that it's been more than three years since i had intercourse with Diane.  My readers have probably assumed that it had been a long time and know that i don't make love to Her that way anymore.  So it's not news but it's still difficult to admit.  i periodically do have those "regular male urges" but am not allowed to act on them.  Sunday was no different.

Diane was quick to rebuke my masculine advance and even quicker to remind me of my status as Her "wife."  "Wives don't act that way" She said as She pushed me away lightly.  "You know you're not allowed there anymore.  What's gotten into you anyway?"  i apologized and felt foolish.

"You can stroke yourself softly and squirt on my tummy like a good sissy" She said.  The sex ended with my ejaculating onto Her smooth skin and cleaning it all up. 

Later as i was preparing a light dinner, Diane came into the kitchen area and handed me one of myfrilliest aprons. 

"You need to start looking more like a wife" She said with a smile.  "I think it must be time for your period.  You seem a little moody.  Check the calendar.  You must be due to start."

She was correct.  She had already circled Monday as the day i was due to start my period. 

Diane's immediate rejection of my request to make love to Her like a "husband" would was not unexpected though it may come across as shocking to some readers.   When you are caught up in the heat of passion such rejections are difficult.  They sting and it sometimes takes a few days to get over.

However, emotionally i always seem to resolve things with myself; happy that i'm submissive to a beautiful wife who loves me for who i am.


sissy terri