The Sissy Waiting Game

It's been a weekend of "waiting."  Waiting is a pretty common activity for submissives i would say.  i did plenty of it this weekend and am still doing it.

Diane took advantage of my absence on Saturday to schedule a date with Paul at their usual location:  our house and bedroom.  It's not that She needs my permission or has to wait for me to be away to invite Paul over, it's just that She knew i'd be gone for most of the day.

i played in a charity golf tournament that had an 8 AM shotgun start.  It was a four-man scramble with a total of 144 golfers; two teams on every hole.  If you've played in something like that you know it's going to be a long round.  It also included lunch, door prizes, raffles, etc.  i wasn't ready to leave until close to 3 PM.  Problem was, i hadn't received Diane's permission to return home yet.

i stayed at the club, showered (careful not to reveal my panties in what was fortunately for me a deserted locker room), watched some college football in the bar area and waited for a text from Diane.  It came a little bit after 4.  "Hurry home" is all it said.  No more than twenty minutes later i was down between Her thighs, completing the obligatory cuckold cleaning that happens after the lover's gone.  my own pleasure had to wait until Diane was totally pleased, both sexually and with my cleanup of Her privates.

There's also another piece of waiting going on.  Diane hasn't yet given me permission to get together with Jake.  This morning She assured me Her decision was imminent.  "Don't be so impatient" She said with a laugh.  i have he feeling She is going to let me see Jake.  At least that's how She's acting.  She just seems to be enjoying the "waiting game" She's making me play.

In the meantime, Jake's been peppering me with saucy and sexy emails, hinting that he can't wait to have me put a lovely lipstick ring on his cock!  Those type of things drive me crazy and test my patience.  He's also hinted at some spankings, light bondage and even more.  i hope Diane's decision comes soon....very soon.

Here's a collection of very pretty panties i just re-posted on my tumblr page.  Think Jake would like to see me in some of these?  i know i'd love wearing them :)


sissy terri