Sissy Summer Fun

The privacy we enjoy in our home makes being a sissy much easier for me.  We're not necessarily secluded, but because of the elevation of our property, the angle of the house and its style, no one can really see into our backyard unless they were using some binoculars or a telescope!  Now that's a thought.

Because of this privacy, whenever  i go into the pool i'm usually wearing a ladies swimsuit and they're usually a one piece.  Even though i'm pretty slim, i like the one piece styles that have a slimming effect on me.  Yesterday, a suit i ordered from "Spanx"arrived and i'm looking forward to wearing it this weekend.

i thought it was going to be an extremely quiet holiday weekend but Diane's already made a couple of plans.  One of them is having Her friend Linda over on Sunday for dinner.  i'm out to Linda as Diane's submissive and she's also seen me dressed several times.  This weekend won't be any different as Diane expects me to prepare dinner - "nothing fancy" - and to join them for drinks when they lounge by the pool.  "A nice time to show us your new swimsuit" She said.

Sure Linda's seen me dressed and knows most everything about our relationship, but i'm still going to experience some self-consciousness.  Just thinking about it gives me some angst and yet there's some arousal.  The bathing suit fits nicely and is really form fitting.  i hope it's restrictive enough to hide whatever arousal happens when i'm wearing it in front of Linda!


sissy terri