Girdles, Femininity & Sissy Feelings

".....Imposing, certainly, and demanding. Pour yourself in and cinch it. A promise not to jiggle or shake. A promise to aspire to feminine shapes, to adjust the ratio of your belly to your hip, to believe in one perfect female ideal."    Amy Larocca, New York Observer 1/24/00
 Beautiful words aren't they?  Especially when read by a submissive and feminized sissy male like myself who has been trained by a Dominant Wife to look as attractive and feminine for Her as possible.  i've been in many a control panty before, but the girdle and corset hold a certain feminine and submissive mystique to me that's difficult to describe. 

As i contemplate my fate when it comes to whether or not i will serve Jake again as His submissive sissy, my desire to look uber-femme for Him wants to include the wearing of a girdle or corset.  Not just any one, but something feminine and flattering.  Something confining enough to remind me of my girly efforts to look nice for Him. 

Even though girdles and corsets find their way onto many a Dominant Woman in the BDSM fetish world, a submissive male should never forget what these beautiful garments are intended to accomplish....

"All these items have one thing in common - they're designed to mold the wearer's body into a more pleasing shape, smoothing undesirable lumps and bumps whilst accentuating more feminine aspects, ultimately seeking to achieve an archetypal hourglass figure. In order to accomplish this, foundation wear imposes itself upon the wearer by means of constrictive or unyielding material, often enhanced with rigid boning to force the body into the desired shape. The degree of control exerted can range from light to severe depending on the design, but the fundamental principle remains the same whether a lightly elastic basque or a heavily boned corset is involved - unlike other underwear, it is the body that is shaped by foundation wear rather than the reverse."  Brassiered.com
"Forcing the body into the desired shape."....powerful words.  The Dominant's Desire?  The submissive's?  Both perhaps, with one obviously having the final say.  How feminine and shapely would they want me to appear?  How restrictive do they want the garment to be?  Would they even ask how it feels? my own girdle might feel far more restraining, restrictive and unyielding if perhaps say....i was mandated to wear it by Diane, Jake or someday, maybe even Paul....."Is sissy wearing her girdle like she's supposed to?" He might ask with His words dripping with contemptuous humiliation.  my answer to Him would be expected and mandatory, despite the obvious visible signs of the garment's effect on me - the girlish silhouette my body presents. 
"...Plus, starting today I want you girdled until after dinner. Nine hours minimum. So get your girdle on and get the dog out for his walk before it gets too hot. You have at least five pounds to go so you can have coffee and a piece of toast for breakfast and a nice salad for lunch. Now get cracking.” With that Hannah, beautifully naked went to take her bath.   A Man in my Position
 A beautiful position to be in; "girdled" nine hours per day minimum.  It's an exercise to please his Dominant Wife Hannah. 

i'm suddenly jealous of this man's position.  His wife doesn't seem to have a lover and consequently, he receives so much of Her attention and Dominance.  i on the other hand know full well that i share Diane with Paul.  My submissiveness and femininity, along with all the duties and responsibilities that come with it, is always expected regardless of how much or how little attention i am paid.


sissy terri