Diane's Decision - Chastity

A few weeks ago i wrote that Jake, the man i had an affair with a while back, had contacted me again and wanted to reestablish our relationship.  This time, Jake seems far more interested in taking on a more dominant role than he did before, something i also wanted.  However, i needed Diane's permission to see Jake again.  i discussed it with Her and She told me She would think it over and decide.  

i followed this up with a post called "The Sissy Waiting Game" where i wrote: "Diane hasn't yet given me permission to get together with Jake.  This morning She assured me Her decision was imminent.  "Don't be so impatient" She said with a laugh.  i have the feeling She is going to let me see Jake.  At least that's how She's acting.  She just seems to be enjoying the "waiting game" She's making me play.

After that post, i didn't put anything up here for a week.  When i finally wrote again i explained my silence by letting everyone know that i had some things to sort out in my life and how i wanted to proceed.  i'm ready now to let you know what led to the silence and what i've decided.

Diane did give me permission to see Jake.  From the way She was acting i thought She would, but i also thought She was simply enjoying the control She had over me and the fact that She could make me wait while She took all the time She wanted to make Her decision.  Her decision however came with a catch.  The condition She put upon my seeing Jake took me completely by surprise.  It was something She'd previously expressed no interest in.

"You can see Jake" Diane said.  i immediately thanked Her but was quickly interrupted.  "I'm not finished.  There's a condition attached to my decision.  If you're going to see him, you're going to be wearing a chastity belt when you do."

"What?  i'm not sure what You mean." i stammered.  Diane had usually discounted chastity as a means of expressing Her dominance.  i'd brought it up several years ago and whenever the topic came up She dismissed it immediately, saying the whole process or lifestyle was simply "too much work."  She would also say that She knew i masturbated and it didn't bother Her that i did.

"That's my decision" She continued.  "I ordered a chastity belt and it should be here in a couple of days.  If you're with Jake, you're in chastity.  Besides, isn't it a fantasy of yours?"

i suppose it is.  It was then that i remembered having a discussion with Diane and Her teasing me about locking me up while i was home alone.  i wrote a post about it and finished the post writing about what it might feel like to be locked up while with a man of my own.  Diane doesn't comment much about my posts, but it's clear that She had read this one and filed it away.  

The chastity belt arrived as scheduled and i've been wearing it regularly, beginning with only a few hours and working my way up to most of the day after about 10 days.  It's not as uncomfortable as i thought it would be, but i haven't yet been made to wear it at night.  It's a  CB-3000 pink package  from A.L. Enterprises.

i want to see Jake but haven't yet got back to him to let him know i'm "available."  If i do, i'll have to explain to him that i'll be in chastity and that will no doubt lead to an explanation on my part that will reveal far more about my relationship with Diane than he already knows. 

The fact that Diane decided to have me in any type of chastity is not the only thing that's surprised me about this whole thing.  i'm also very surprised that Diane is prepared to have me share this part of our life with Jake.  She knows Jake, but not in an way that She'd want me to share such intimate details of Her dominance over me.  

i'm going to call Jake early this week.  i want to be with him again, and i think he'll understand.  His only contact with my cock has been fondling it through my panties and seeing me masturbate in front of him after providing him with pleasure.  The fact that it would be locked up while i serve him shouldn't be an issue as far as that concerned.  i'm hoping that perhaps, he might even be aroused by it.  i would think that some Dominant men would enjoy having a chastised sissy to use.  We'll see,

Once again, Diane's exerted Her control in an a way i never thought She would. 


sissy terri