Surrounded by Femininity

Our household was oozing with femininity this weekend.  As part of the preparations for my daughter's wedding next year, our two daughters were here along with four of the five bridesmaids who will be part of the wedding party!  Naturally our lifestyle takes a back burner when our daughters are around but that doesn't mean that Diane is any less in charge.  It's just not noticeable. 

There was plenty of shopping and bridal related tasks for all the girls to do which did give me some free time to see Jake.  That's a story for later this week; serving him while in chastity is more difficult than i thought it would be and also emotionally and psychologically challenging.

The Sissy Brides
All the girls are gone and it's back to "normal" for the rest of the week.

Whenever the upcoming wedding is discussed, planned, or like this weekend, taking up almost 100% of our time, my sissy mind can't help fantasize about being a bride.  i've written about it numerous times here and the fantasy never, ever goes away.

There's just so many beautiful bridal fashions out there i truly don't know where i would begin if i ever had the opportunity to be a real bride. No wonder brides-to-be take so long to make a decision
about what they'll wear on their big day!

i know i'd be more traditional and want something very elegant and feminine.  However, i would also like to try on as many gowns as possible :)


sissy terri