Pajama Party

All of my deep sissy fantasies don't necessarily involve sex.  Some are just girly things that i've never had a chance to experience.

One of these would be an old fashioned pajama party with other girls (or gurls)!  When i was younger, my older sisters would either have or attend these.  They didn't intrigue me until i got a little older and by then, their rooms were "off limits" to me and all i could hear was the laughing and giggling that went on.

As i grew older, i fantasized about what it would be like to be included or invited to these parties.  i'd fantasize about what i'd wear and what all the other girls would be wearing, what we'd talk about, the games we would play, etc.  i still fantasize about it.

i now wonder what a pajama party for sissies would be like?  Maybe i should throw one?  i wonder if Diane would let me?  Who would i invite?

Baby doll pajamas would be required!


sissy terri