A Sissy's True Confessions

i didn't go into great detail in my last post about the conversation i had with Jake last Thursday.  The more we talked, the more comfortable i got and i ended up sharing quite a few things with him that i never thought i'd be able to.  Most important is that i did this with Diane' permission. 

It was a huge step for me.  It also makes me feel better about myself and about not hiding anything.  i didn't plan it this way but Jake knows about 1) this blog, 2) my tumblr blog and 3) Diane and my Female Led Relationship and 4) Her cuckolding me.  Naturally, by knowing about either numbers 1or 2, Jake would have figured out both numbers 3 and 4.

There's a sense of relief by telling him the truth.  i feel less anxious about things.  Rather than lead him on that Diane doesn't know about certain things while She actually does, Jake now knows everything.  Like i said, i didn't originally plan it this way but happy it turned out like it did.  i didn't write about this yesterday because after we parted on Thursday, i told Jake to take some time to read the blog and to call me after he was done.  There are many posts and i figured it would take some time.  When i posted yesterday, he hadn't called me back yet.

i got that call today.  Naturally, he has many, many questions.  Who wouldn't have?  But the good news is that he saw nothing that would cause him to change his mind about us getting together again and developing a regular relationship.  i was very nervous about that even though he had already told me he doubted anything would change his mind.  But the reassurance i got this morning was very welcome.

He was amazed at my tumblr blog and said that he loves the insight it gives him into my sissy fantasies!  That led me to tell him something else, something i don't post about either here (i may have a few times) or on my tumblr.  i told Jake that whenever i see pictures that portray women as very submissive to a man, i see myself in that picture and want to be the woman!  It happens all the time.  It could be a woman on a leash being led by a man, a woman in bondage serving a man or other various types of D/s scenarios involving Male Doms and female subs.

"Well, you should either start posting them somewhere or send me the pictures you like" Jake said.  Wow....he might be sorry he said that.  i may be inundating his inbox with pictures/ideas.  i also might become a little more liberal in what i post on my blogs!


sissy terri