A Sissy in Chastity

i haven't been able to post because of some personal commitments both Diane and i have had this weekend.  This one is also going to be a little short, but i've been dying to tell everyone that my meeting with Jake on Thursday went real well.  It wasn't rushed, we had time to talk privately so that i could tell him everything i wanted to and best of all, he was more than accepting of Diane's decision to insist on chastity when i see him.

Our meeting could be summed up very well in two short sentences he said to me:  "Why should I care if you're in chastity or not?  When we're together you'll be there to please me and your pleasure will be secondary."  It's the most dominant thin he's ever said to me.  It's evident that he wants to be far more dominant with me than he ever was before.

There's also another wrinkle that's changed things a bit since we last met.  Jake is getting divorced.  It will be final in a few weeks.  His divorce has nothing to do with his bisexual desires or me at all.  It's not even a nasty divorce.  It's an amicable break up and Jake is going to keep his house here, at least for now unless he decides it's just too big.  He teased that he's now going to need a "lady of the house" once and awhile and asked if i was interested!

The afternoon ended with my following him to his house.  We didn't have much time because i had something going on Thursday evening with Diane, but there was time enough for what he wanted.

After sliding down the pantyhose i was wearing and dropping my pink panties so he could check out my CB-3000, i dropped to my knees and took his cock into my mouth.  The combination of sucking his cock and being in chastity created as submissive a feeling as i've ever felt.

From Jake's reaction he enjoyed it plenty as well.  "It's been way too long" he said.  True.  It has.  Now that we're back together, this is going to be a regular thing.  i'm going to get used to serving in chastity -  both Diane and Jake.


sissy terri