my Time in Chastity

It's been about three weeks since my CB-3000 arrived.  It's not a long time, but enough for me to start getting used to wearing it.  For Diane, it's also been enough time to start establishing some rules and a regular routine that i'm expected to follow.

Her purchase of the CB-3000 was to initially set a caveat for my seeing Jake:  i wouldn't be allowed to see him unless i was wearing the CB-3000.  Now that i've had an opportunity to get used to wearing it and without much discomfort, Diane's expanded Her demands.

With little exception (there haven't been any thus far) Diane's expectation is that i will be in chastity whenever i'm not with Her.  Since this new protocol has begun, i haven't yet had to travel on business so that hasn't been a problem.  When asked about that all Diane said was that She'd "come up with something that will work for both of us."

Diane doesn't insist that i wear the CB-3000 to bed, so since She started these new rules i'm locked into the CB in the morning after i shower and before She leaves and let out at night before bedtime.   i've gone to the gym while in the CB and even played a round of golf.  Interestingly, the first round of golf I played while in chastity took place yesterday afternoon while Diane was hosting Her lover Paul here.  It was their regular Wednesday afternoon tryst.

Wearing it to the gym hasn't posed the problems i thought it would.  There's been little discomfort.  And it's not unusual for me to come home and shower here after my workouts.  Same thing with golf.  i used to shower at the club once and awhile, but my not doing so isn't going to raise any suspicions with friends or anyone else.  My golf game didn't seem to be affected either.  It might have even prevented me from "over-swinging" and  help to keep the ball in play!

It's no surprise however that the most uncomfortable times are when i'm submissively pleasuring either Diane or Jake.  Serving them is very arousing and gets me into a very physically high state of arousal.

As medical professionals, both of us are careful about things we do and eat and about lifestyle choices.  There's not a lot of research and data about the long term effects of chastity on men (or on women for that matter).  Like many things, moderation and listening to your body is important.  Wearing a chastity device while in a state of arousal can cause some pain and that's something to be aware of.  By not wearing it at night, i don't have to worry about the compression my CB would cause from uncontrolled nocturnal erections.

i found this interesting article written by the well known sex writer Dan Savage.  Savage's column, "Savage Love" appears in many places.  In this particular column Dan answers this reader's question:  "Can locking my penis in a chastity device cause long term damage?"  Pretty interesting.  The suggestion that serious chastity players get a more expensive custom made belt is a good one.  Maybe down the road.  The biggest drawback there is that all the custom made ones i've seen are in stainless steel.  Diane is insistent on a pink colored belt.  No surprise. 

Diane is actually the one that found this article and had me read it.  When we were talking about it She couldn't help but tease me about the urologist whose primary concern was "the long term health and preservation of erectile function down the road."  She couldn't help Herself and had to ask me why, as a sissy, would i have a need for erectile function anyway!



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