Full Cut Panties and Fall Hosiery Styles

i'm slowly getting accustomed to my CB-3000.  Daytime wear isn't that much of a problem (unless i become aroused and even then, the discomfort isn't as bad as i thought it would be) but wearing it to sleep results in quite a bit of discomfort in the morning.   A couple of my readers commented on my earlier post that "morning wood" would be a problem. 

Diane laughed when i mentioned this to Her.  "Morning wood?" She giggled.  "I think you mean an enlarged clitty!"  It was a cute joke and being accustomed to these comments, i took it in stride and appreciated Her sense of humor.  For now, Diane doesn't make me wear it at night.  At least i'm under close supervision as She sleeps by my side :)

Full Back Panties
i've also found that i'm more comfortable wearing a "full cut panty" when the CB-3000 is on.  If the panty i wear is too small, the extra bulk of the CB stretches it out and the leg openings seem to rub against my testicles causing a little bit of irritation.  i also mentioned this to Diane and She thought itwas a good idea that i wear a panty that "covers everything."

I'm going to have to do some shopping for more full cut panties.  Many in that style are plain.  Even though i love the plain pastels, i want to vary my selection so that i can get some that have pretty lace, trims and bows like the panty shown here.

i'm prepared to meet with Jake tomorrow, at which time i'm going to tell him about the conditions Diane has set for my seeing him.  It's going to be a long discussion.  i want to explain things fully to him; how Diane knows not only about my dressing, but about my seeing him.  i'll also tell him about Her Dominance over me, most of our lifestyle and Her decision to put me in chastity.  i'm going to be honest and up front with him.  It's the best way to go and given the circumstances, i don't have much choice.

i'm glad some of you enjoyed yesterday's post about the Maidenform sale.  i should also mention that i get a daily email from Bare Necessities.  This company has an excellent panty selection that features all the brand names in various styles.  Today's email blast from Bare Necessities promoted "6 Must Have Hosiery Styles!  Check it out.  Why miss out on all this sissy fun?


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