Sissy Workouts

i exchanged a few emails with Jake yesterday and early this morning.  We're going to meet for coffee on Thursday for sure.  Between now and then we'll probably talk some on the phone as well. 

i'm going to let him know that i want to see him again and tell him how eager i am to explore what appears to be a much more Dominant Jake.  Our email exchanges thus far have indicated that he surely wants it that way.  i'm also going to bring up the subject of the CB-3000 and the reason i'm being forced to wear it when with him.  It's simply a condition of Diane giving me permission.  He's going to find out about my total submission to Her.  Until then, i'm putting together some "bullet points" that i want to bring up in our chat.  i want to be prepared.

Preparation for the meeting is also going to involve working on my physical appearance.  i'm in pretty good shape, but i want to be in the best shape i can be in when i see Jake again.  i've already lost a couple of pounds and want to lose a few more (a total of five pounds) by Thursday. 

These types of preparations make me feel more feminine and submissive.  Toning my body so that it's pleasing to Jake.  i'll be dieting and going to the gym regularly, but i've also thought about a few other activities that might be fun.....

How about working with a hula hoop to tone my waist and hips?

Or maybe a round of golf?

Tennis is a great sport for sissies.  Is it more fun to play, or get dressed for the match?

There were never any real girls on my little league team, but i know there was at least one gurl!

Football?  i'm not sure....i think it would take a pretty tough sissy to play that game :)


sissy terri