Female Led Relationships - Another Insight

Yesterday afternoon, while Diane was with Her Lover Paul at the far opposite end of the house, i sat safely locked away in the guest bedroom, alone with my thoughts and ideas about many things.  Having completed a final report and recommendations for one of my consulting projects, i passed the time by reading, looking at my tumblr page and other news sites until i was summoned by Diane and told that "the coast was clear."

While looking at tumblr, i came upon this blog posting on Female Led Relationships.  It's a question from one blogger to another.  Read on...

loveisalandfill asked:
Do you think the kind of relationship you have with your wife is becoming more common? Does she network with other dominant, breadwinner wives, or talk to some online maybe? The benefits of this lifestyle for an alpha female seem obvious..
 This is an excellent question. The quick answer is yes. She has several alpha friends (she is a senior exec in an industry dominated by men) and the women that are in similar roles find each other. She has a few friends who have female led marriages and, of those, a couple over drinks have asked about sex and submission. Pegging is becoming much more common and She has encouraged more than one to give it a try only to have them call Her and tell Her “thanks for the suggestion - he wanted it but was afraid to ask”. For us, chastity, pegging, bondage and discipline all are natural companions of a female dominant marriage. Not only are they the glue of the role reversal, they are fun.
An interesting question and a very interesting answer which gets into some pretty specific detail about what exists in the dynamic of this specific Female Led Marriage.  First, let me talk about the larger issue, which is the fact that these type of marriages are becoming more popular than one might think.

Some of you may know that both Diane and i were professionals in the medical field.  i think it just so happens to be a field where women have risen to higher levels of administration and management than many others.  i think there are a few reasons for this.  First, years ago the nursing field was overwhelmingly made up of women.  Men who chose the nursing profession were sometimes ridiculed, made fun of or sneered at behind their back.  At the same time, many nurses were entering the profession with not just nursing school backgrounds, but with undergraduate and even graduate degrees.  This type of education, intelligence, and the culture changes taking place that emphasized more equality for women made them excellent candidates for advancement in the field.  Soon, they were climbing the corporate ladder of hospitals and other health related organizations throughout America.

The larger issue of course, was their intelligence and ability.  The cultural changes that were taking place just gave them an opportunity to showcase their talent.  Over time, these women were in powerful positions and sometimes earning more than their spouses.

Situations such as these lend themselves to an easier development of a Female Led Marriage.  The woman is intelligent, financially independent and easily able to support a spouse and family.  However, the woman in my opinion must still have some predisposition to Dominance.  For a Female Led Marriage to work, She needs to enjoy being in control as well as all the other things that might come with that.  My point is that Her education, financial independence and powerful status in the workplace makes it easier.  The seeds for such a FLR are already planted and ready to germinate so to speak if She so chooses.

i'm not sure how often the specifics of such a relationship are discussed as shown above.  I'm sure it does happen when women of similar situations gather together for a cocktail after work and the talk starts to flow a little easier.  And naturally, when common ground is found between the women, then more details are likely to be shared.

Not all Female Led Marriages have as much of a sexual component as ours does, or the one discussed in the answer above.  For these type of marriages to be successful, both parties have to want it.  They also have to be prepared to deal with the problems and issues that will naturally arise.

As time goes on however, if two people are truly committed to it, the submissive realizes that the power, control and final decision making in the marriage rests with the Wife.  Sex is also on Her terms and the submissive's role is to be there to please.  The sexual aspect of the realization is just as important.

That realization is an awakening of sorts.   The sooner it occurs, the happier they both will be.


sissy terri