A Feminine Man

I'm not an overly masculine man or macho type by any means, but I'm not effeminate either.  There have been times where I've been made to act effeminate by Diane or a man I was with.  That's been difficult to do, but in just about every instance, Diane or the others seemed to enjoy embarrassing me that way and having me endure such humiliation. 

I think one can be feminine without being effeminate.  Being made to act effeminate in a sexually related scene of for some kinky play is one thing, but in a lifestyle, you  have to do what comes naturally to you.  I live very much as a "wife" now.  It's the way Diane likes it.  Some of the things I do are things she insists upon.  And there are others that are totally of my own volition. 

For instance, I keep myself impeccably groomed.  I'm always clean shaven and smooth all over except for the hair on my head.  I put clear nail polish on.  I weigh myself every day and always worry about my weight.  I never want to have to wear anything larger than a size 12 dress!  I also pluck my eyebrows.  These may appear to be minor things but collectively, I think they help me be a more feminine man.

I'm also very fortunate that I could retire relatively early in life.  Diane continues to work so I am more or less (actually more) the stay at home wife in our relationship.  In some ways it is quite dreamy, but sometimes it causes me a little angst and embarrassment. 

A good example of this was last week when Diane's friend Linda was stopping by after work.  It was on one of the days when I did laundry and I was getting ready to do the ironing when Diane called me to say that Linda was coming over after work for a few minutes.  I thanked her for telling me and said that I would wait to start the ironing until later that evening.  "Why would you do that" Diane asked.  Before I could answer, she told me that I was either into this lifestyle or I wasn't and she expected me to be doing the ironing when she got home.

When she arrived, I was doing the ironing just as I was told.  Linda seemed a little surprised and after saying hello said to Diane "Wow, don't you have him well trained!"  Diane just smiled and they went about their business.  I blushed and continued the ironing.  It was just another one of those things that made me feel more feminine.