"Wear Something Pretty"

Those were Diane's instructions this morning before she left for the office.  They came immediately after asking me in a very teasing manner if "my period" was over.  I told her that it was and she followed up with the order that I be wearing something pretty when she got home tonight.  If you recall, each month I am required to wear sanitary pads for a seven day period, all part of the contract I have with my Dominant Wife Diane (DWD).

I tried to get more specifics out of her about what she would like to see me in, but it didn't work.  Whenever I get such an order struggle with it, even though I really love it.  I don't know if I should wear something like just lingerie, or dress to the nines with one of my wigs, makeup, jewelry, etc.  I prefer being told what to do, with little left for me to decide.

I'd love to be dressed like a 1950's housewife for her.  Maybe that Barbara Billingsley look in "Leave it to Beaver."  I'm sure by the time she gets home, I'll think of something.