A Gurl Friend?

So far, all of my bisexual play has been with somewhat dominant type married men who enjoy being serviced orally, some with a few other D/s related type kinks but nothing way over the top or extreme.  However, I've yet to play with another sissy, cross dresser or submissive.  It's something I've always wanted to do, but just haven't found the right person to do it with.  I'm also not actively looking and I am always very, very careful.

I do think about it often though, wondering what it would be like for two "girls like us" to play together.  I'm not sure I'd really enjoy it as much as playing with a very masculine guy and think it would be more of a curiosity thing.  When I'm dressed, and in one of my "bi moods", it's really a cock I yearn for and not just any cock; one that is attached to a real man who knows what he wants and how to take it.  But having a "gurlfriend" like me might be kind of nice. 

But then, there are times that DWD (Dominant Wife Diane) and I play in bra and panties.  I do love that, even though she's not wearing her strap on dildo and is dressed very femme.  Maybe she has bisexual or lesbian fantasies....just like me.