Daily Sissy Stuff

A few days ago, I thought I would add a small section to the blog called "Daily Sissy Stuff."  It's just over in the top left and I'll try to post a picture that might be of interest to other sissies.  Today's picture features some pink ruffled panties, somewhat different than any pair I own.

I've always found ruffled panties to be the most sissyish of things.  Particularly those that have ruffles just across the back, featuring the sissy's derriere.  When Diane is in one of her more dominant moves, I'm usually put in some type of ruffled panty.  I guess it makes her feel more dominant.  Wearing them certainly makes me feel more submissive.

I'd love to hear from others what they feel is the most sissy-type piece of clothing for them to wear.  I don't have many followers and this is a new blog, so I don't anticipate an overwhelming response here.  But just hearing from one or two of would be nice :)