Sissy Sex

That's what Diane calls it now:  sissy sex.  It's been several years since she's called it "making love" to me.  Now, whenever she wants to use her strap-on on me, she'll tell me to get ready for some "sissy sex."  If I ask for it, I have to refer to it as "sissy sex." 

"Get ready for sissy sex"
The term bothers me some.  It lacks in intimacy and feels cold, clinical and devoid of love.  Diane insists that's not the case.  I've discussed it with her a few times and the last time I asked her why she insisted on calling it that, she simply said "Can you think of a better term?  Seems pretty accurate to me."

Somehow, it makes me feel less of a "wife" when she uses that term.  She'll even mention it at times while she's working me with the strap-on.  Of course, the humiliation is a turn on and she never fails to please me that way.  I suppose as a submissive sissy male I should be most appreciative of what I have.