Corsets Anyone?

Many years ago I developed an interest in corsets.  I wouldn't say it was a fetish, although I did find them to be very erotic and arousing to me.  I mentioned it to Diane and we never really talked much about it until a few years later.  We were visiting wine country in California and were staying in San Francisco for a few days.  Vacations away from home always provide you with an opportunity to be yourself, let your hair down, etc.  At least that's the way it is with us. 

We decided to visit a fetish clothing shop while there and the assortment of corsets was incredible.  I almost died when Diane insisted that I get one.  The shop sold corsets online which were custom made, but there were many on the rack and I was expertly fitted by the woman who ran the shop.  Talk about an erotically humiliating experience!  I had my first corset - it was a white underbust corset and I loved it.

It took some getting used to.  Diane got better at lacing me and over time, we were able to get it tighter and tighter until it was time for a new one.  I've never been obese or very overweight, but at one time, my waist was up to a 36.  Corsetting, or tightlacing as they call it, has helped me stay motivated to remain slim.  Since that first corset, my waist is now down to 31" and corsetting helps me reduce it to a very shapely looking 24" or less.  Diane loves the hourglass look it gives me.

I probably spend about 24 or so hours per week in a corset on average.  Today, Diane put me in a corset before we went out to church.  With a sport coat, it's difficult to see and no one really notices.  On one occasion, a lady friend of ours gave me a hug and asked if I was wearing a back brace when she felt the stiffness of the corset.  I told her that yes, I sometimes had a bad back and had to wear a brace.  "Oh you poor thing!" she said.  If only she knew how lucky I really was!