A Clueless Cuckold

Nearly twenty five years ago, my wife had an affair that nearly ruined our marriage.  At the time, I was heartbroken.  I had come close to having affairs of my own, but never did.  I was a cuckold and didn't even realize it or even know what the term mean in a D/s context.

Several years later, when Diane became more dominant over me, cuckolding became an erotic fantasy of mine.  I wanted her to find a "bull" as part of her domination over me.  She finally agreed to begin the search.  Postings on Collarme.com, Alt.com, Craigslist, PlentyofFish, Ashley Madison and a few other sites haven't produced any results to her satisfaction.  She's met several men, but is still looking.

Cuckolding is a popular topic on many Female Domination and sissy type blogs.  I envy the people in those lifestyles but by the same token, I understand Diane's reluctance to hook up with just anybody.  It also makes me wonder about her affair many years ago.  I haven't really pressed her about it, but I wonder if she was this selective back then?

At least I can say that I was a cuckold at one time.  I just wish I could have enjoyed it more.