The Cuckold Discussion

I want so much to be cuckolded again.  The first time, I didn't even know it was happening.  This next time, if it ever happens, I want to relish the experience as much as I can.  My wife Diane knows of my desires, but while she's open to the idea, isn't about to actively start looking for a "bull."

We talk about it some.  I bring it up more often than she does to be sure.  Last night it came up again, in the middle of some rather unrelated discussion.  Diane surprised me when she brought it up this time. She said that "It's likely that if I were to cuckold you again, you would know about it but the man I was fooling around with wouldn't know that you know."  She went on to say that it seems just to complicated to find someone she liked and then have to explain the whole cuckolding thing to them.  Starting an affair with another married man who needs and wants discretion would be so much easier. 

While I agree with her, I can still hold up hope for a Bull who enjoys the entire spectrum of cuckold activities.

Back to Diane.  I know her real well.  I suspect she has someone in mind.