Being "Flirty"

There's a couple of "flirty" themes to this post today.  One has to do with what I'm wearing around the house today, and the other has to do with the wedding we attended last night.

I've always been a lover of the old fashioned frilly aprons like the one's you used to see in the 1950's or 1960's in movies, magazines, etc.  This Christmas, one of the many feminine type gifts I got from Diane was a pretty pink apron made by a company called Flirty Aprons.  It's one of my favorites and Diane has given me permission to order another one from the company. 

I'm wearing it now as I go about doing a few domestic tasks and will be wearing it when I prepare and serve dinner later this afternoon.  I'm sure you'll agree that prancing about in this apron (called the "Strawberry Shortcake") certainly helps make you feel like a sissy and a wife.

As to the wedding last night, Diane got a chance to see some friends she hasn't seen in a very long time.  One friend was a guy who was in her class in high school.  We sat at the same table as he and his wife and it wasn't long before there was some mutual flirtation going on between he and Diane.  When his wife left to go talk to someone, he asked me if I minded if he danced with Diane and after telling him it was fine, they spent the next several dances together on the dance floor, some of them very slow waltzes where they seemed to be having a good time.  The flirtation continued throughout the evening until it was time to leave.

On the way home, Diane asked me if I was upset that she had danced with Brian.  She knows me well and could sense I was a little upset.  Not at the dancing, but at the flirting.  I told her how I felt and we had a very little spat about it.  It's really my fault.  I want her to cuckold me, and when something like this happens I get jealous and confused.  Maybe I'm not a good cuckold candidate.   However, I want it so badly and part of me was excited at what went on last night.  We just need to talk about it more.