Bridal Fantasy

To be a bride has to be every sissy's dream!
We're going to a wedding this evening.  A longtime friend of Diane's daughter is getting married.  Weddings always bring my bridal fantasies to the forefront.  I wonder how many sissy males have bridal fantasies?  It's hard to believe that any sissies wouldn't have a fantasy of getting all dressed up in a beautiful wedding gown and all the accessories!

Diane knows all about these fantasies of mine and she even said that someday she'd like to see us renew our vows with me as the bride.  It just hasn't happened.  It came close once in Las Vegas, at a place that dealt with fantasy weddings.  We were there for a few days but the owner was on vacation.  Just my luck.  Maybe someday.

In the meantime, we'll be attending the wedding tonight and I'll be so jealous of the bride. I'm sure she is going to look just perfect.  As for me, Diane's already told me to make sure I'm wearing a white bra and panty set (I've got just the right one), white garter and white thigh highs under my suit.  She's going to let me wear regular stockings to cover up the white hose.  She's not concerned as much about my humiliation and embarrassment as she is raising the eyebrows of her close friends.