A Day for Sissies?

Earlier today i read All Mine, a blog written by Ms. Suzanne which is one of my favorites, and discovered that yesterday was "No Panty Day." i don't think i would have risked upsetting Jake by not wearing panties for our golf date, and i doubt this special day was created with sissies like me in mind.  Who would want to go a full day without panties anyway?

After reading Ms. Suzanne's post, i did some research of my own and found out that today is actually "National Pink Day."  Were it not for reading All Mine today, this quasi-sissy holiday would have totally passed me by.

Diane is gone to a baby shower this afternoon and now that i've finished all my housework i'm going to take a bubble bath and get dressed into something very, very pink before She gets home!

Don't you think there should be a National Sissy Day?