A Tennis Date?

i'm on my way to the gym to meet Jake and really looking forward to our coffee date after.  If it were up to me, i'd skip the gym and maybe even the coffee date!  i'm just kidding, but our phone conversations have gone very, very well and i'm becoming much more comfortable with sharing things with jake.  i'm not quite where i want to be and haven't discussed my dressing femme for him, but all indications are that when i do, he'll be very open to it.

i also discovered that he enjoys golf and tennis.  i still golf and used to play tennis regularly.  It's been some time but i'd love to start playing again with Jake.  We talked about how having other things in common are important as well.  Having a friend to enjoy sports with is a great way to provide a "cover" for the wives!  Not that i need one since i will be doing this with Diane's permission after her final approval of Jake. 

Anyway, the thought of playing tennis with him had me fantasizing again this morning.  i always found tennis dresses, particularly the old fashioned ones, especially sexy and feminine.  No wonder Renee Richards finally made the decision to live full time as a female!  Just imagine how fun it would be playing tennis dressed in this cute little outfit!  i'm sure i'd be guilty of more than a few "double faults."