Sissy Notes

It's been a few days since i've posted.  A busy weekend filled with housework and some travel early this week because of my part-time consulting job has kept me very busy.  When all the traditional "women's" work in a household falls on your shoulders, there's usually not much free time.

i'm not sure what Diane's plans are to meet with Brian this week while i'm away or, perhaps She doesn't even have any.  She's continuing to keep me in the dark about when they meet until the very last moment possible if that's necessary or, after the fact whenever She can. 

Diane is also a little bit upset because i haven't updated the blog format like She insisted a few weeks ago.  i wrote about it in this post, but haven't gotten it done yet.  My delay has led Her to tell me that if She "...was into corporal punishment, you'd be in for quite the beating.  Instead, I'll have to think of some other punishment.   Keep in mind that the longer you delay, the more severe it will be."

i started to update the blog's format twice, but made a few mistakes and didn't have the time to start over.  i promised Her to get it done as soon as possible, especially with some unknown punishment hovering over my head.  Diane is not into the physical aspects of Dominance very much, but certainly has the potential to be very creative when dealing out Her own form of discipline.

i'm tentatively supposed to play golf with Jake on Friday.  He was so pleased with the way things went the last time we played and he got to meet Diane, he now thinks it might be a good idea for me to meet his wife Nancy!  He might think it's a good idea but i'm a little nervous.  i'm sure it will be fine being introduced as a golfing friend and it will help make getting together for future dates easier.

Finally, i thought my readers might enjoy this little article and video clip since you all know how important i think it is for sissies to learn how to put on a bra properly:

How to Put on a Bra: A Video Tutorial

Also, the star of the video is my kind of woman!