A Picky Sissy

Friday's golf date with Jake went very well overall.  Rather than stop for a cold drink at the "19th hole", we came to our place where Jake had a beer and the opportunity to meet Diane.  In addition to finding him very handsome, Diane also thought he was a nice guy and gave me Her approval to move forward.  That little meeting between the three of us was totally vanilla, with no indications by anyone about the underlying relationships that exist, or will exist.  That's just the way Diane wanted it to be.

The golf game was interesting.  Since we were a twosome, we were paired with a husband and wife who played the first nine with us.  Although that limited our ability to converse openly much of the time, i found it almost prophetic that here i was playing golf with a man who i fantasized would treat me like a "wife" someday, and we were paired with another husband and wife.  i don't know, but i bet i was wearing prettier panties than Cindy (the woman we played with).

i was alone with Jake for the second nine holes and we got a chance to talk much more openly.  Discussing fantasies and fetishes is difficult with someone you haven't known for very long.  Even long time partners might find it awkward for fear of rejection or ridicule.  So, i was careful about what i mentioned and how i brought things up.

The bottom line is that Jay is "perfectly fine" with my feminine side.  He also said that he really only has an interest in "a man who would be willing to be submissive."  Both those things sound wonderful and would seek that everything is on the right track.  However, i've had this nagging feeling all weekend that Jake is just "fine" with my dressing and being femme, but not as excited about it as i am.  i wanted my femininity to be something he really, really, really wanted.  In a perfect world, i'd be exactly what he was looking for:  a secret sissy wife, one who would be as feminine as possible for him.  i know it's not a perfect world and i'm probably being picky, but i was hoping for some unbridled enthusiasm from him about the whole femme thing. 

There was one positive sign about it though.  After one of my errant drives into the edge of the woods and while looking for my ball, Jake did ask me what kind of panties i had worn that day.  When i told him about the pink polka dotted ones, he asked if he could catch a peek at them.  With no one around, i obliged and showed him the panties.  "Wow!" was all he said.

After i hit my shot from the woods back out into the fairway, i hopped into the cart with him.  The late afternoon heat made the course mostly empty.  He took my hand and put it over his crotch.  His cock was at least semi-erect.  "I want you to wear those panties the next time we're together" he told me.  That made me hard as well.  i hope he wants me to wear more than just the panties!