Sissy Sex with Diane

Yesterday afternoon Diane called me from Her office around 4:30.  She was using Her speakerphone, which always makes me feel uncomfortable, even though She's assured me that our conversation is private.  There have been a few times where She's told me to hold on and put me on hold while someone comes into Her office.  i still get nervous.

"Would you like some sissy sex tonight when I get home" she asked me and, with just a slight pause added "I would" before i could even answer.  i told Her i would enjoy that.  "Good, get yourself looking pretty for me and have the strap-on and stuff ready and I'll be home by 6 o'clock" She said and hung up.

i was ready well before 6, a pink flowered babyoll top with matching bikini panties and some pink ballet type slippers were all i wore.  i debated whether or not i should put a touch of makeup on or some jewelry but decided against it.  The bed was taken down and Diane's strap-on, lubricant and a couple of small towels also lay on the bed, ready for Her use.

She hadn't arrived by 6:30 so i called Her cell phone and when it rang, i could tell from the beep at the end of the ring that She was on a call, so i hung up without leaving a message.  A few minutes later She called back and said She was just a few minutes away.  "You're just a horny little sissy and can't wait" She laughed.

Indeed a few minutes later She was walking through the door and it didn't take Her long to slip out of Her clothes and into the strap-on.  As She did, i admired Her body and how beautiful She looked to me.  When She was done, i approached Her and started to kiss Her softly on the lips and and touch Her arms softly.

"Don't be wasting time.  Get your girly bottom on the bed and show me how much you want it" she barked, somewhat out of character.  Our lovemaking is usually soft and sensual, but last night it had a much different feel to it.  When i lay on my back and spread my legs, Diane immediately told me to turn over because She wanted to take me doggie style.

The softness in style that i usually enjoy was replaced by a firmness that i wasn't familiar with.  She was far more verbal with me.  i can't remember how many times She used the term "sissy".  She made me beg for Her "cock", making me tell Her how much i loved Her "cock."  There were plenty of slaps on my bottom also between the Hard strokes of the strap-on.

The difference was noticeable, even though i couldn't describe it exactly, then just before i climaxed as She seemed to be deeper inside of me then She'd ever been, i realized what it was.  There was more of a "manliness" to Her lovemaking.  i came like a woman, letting out some deep moans and cries as my juices dampened the towel Diane had placed under me.  It was an awesome orgasm.

Later, i couldn't help but wonder if Diane's approach to our lovemaking was a reflection of some of the things She had done with Brian.  Was She treating me like Brian treated Her?  Rougher? More manly? More verbal?  She called me Her sissy very often while She made love to me.  Did Brian have a special name for Her?

my sissy cuckold mind was working overtime last night.