My Tennis Panties

i felt so feminine this morning, almost devilishly so.  Maybe because i'm all excited about my upcoming dates with Jake and how well things are going.  i keep thinking about how hot it was to go down on him before our golf date the other day, right in his dining room!

i couldn't help myself today.  i slipped some ruffled tennis panties on along with a pleated tennis skirt and matching top (i put some taupe colored pantyhose on also to make my legs look a little more tan) and just twirled around over and over so that my panties were exposed when the skirt lifted.  It felt so good.  i even went outside for a bit and did the same.  i was in a very secluded area of our property, so there was almost no chance of my being seen.  i felt so naughty!

i got so excited that when i came in, i laid on the bed and stroked myself softly until i came in the panties.

i know it's silly, but sometimes sissies just have to get certain things out of their systems.