Being Jake's Sissy

It was a wonderful Friday morning.  i was up early to see Diane off to work and couldn't wait to see Jake.  He was supposed to be coming over around 8 to pick me up for a golf game, at least that was what he told his wife Nancy.  Instead, we stayed here and played "other games."  Diane was gone by 7:30 and told me to have fun and "be a good girl for your man."  i love how She teases me.

i wore a read bra and panty set with a white polo shirt, some very short and tight ladies's short shorts and some pink sandals.  i was hoping i wasn't overdoing it and that Jake would like what he saw.  i didn't want to dress to the nine's with a dress, heels, makeup, etc.  You could see the red bra through the polo shirt and i liked that.  i hoped he would to.  Slowly, i want him to see me as a feminine man, playing the role of his woman.

When the doorbell rang i minced over to open the door and greet him.  i could tell he liked what he saw but seemed a little nervous.  i told him not to worry, that Diane wouldn't be home until the middle of the afternoon at the earliest.  It would be the start of a long weekend for Her, since She's taking Monday and Tuesday off next week.

Jake told me how nice i looked and when i closed the door, i stood in front of him and told him he looked pretty hot too.  i had brewed a fresh pot of coffee and offered him some.  He accepted and we made our way to the kitchen.  i felt so submissive as i poured him a cup and served it to him at the counter we have.  As i put the cup down in front of him, he ran his hand over my ass and it felt so nice.  Instinctively, i kissed him.  He responded passionately.  i was on his lap and we were embracing.  It got hot pretty quick, while the coffee got cold.

"Would you like to go to the bedroom?" I asked him, "we can bring our coffees."  He thought that was a good idea and he followed me to the guest bedroom I had decided we would use.

"I have to admit that I've been thinking of you sucking my cock all week" he said.  "So have i" i told him.  If i had told him the truth, he would have known that i'd actually dreamed about it also.

"Why don't you get naked for me?  I love to watch a woman get undressed." He said.  i'll remember those words forever - he used the word "woman".....the fact that he referred to me that way made me feel as special as i ever had with a man.

i slipped the sandals off and then slid the tight short shorts off.  After taking off my shirt, i stood in front of him in my red bra and panties.  He held me close again and kissed me, running his hands on my ass and his fingers along the outline of the bra cups.  i felt so much like a woman.  i turned around and unhooked the bra and let it slide to the floor.  "You do that so elegantly" he said, "you must be used to it."  That made me giggle.  If he only knew the whole story about how Diane had me practice putting on and taking off bras!

Soon, i was naked and on my knees before him at the foot of the bed.  He had me undo his pants and told me to start sucking him before his pants were even lowered.  He got hard and fully erect very quickly.  i took my time.  i wanted to treat his cock gently and lovingly.  From the sounds he was making, he appreciated my efforts.

The best part was how he talked to me.  The words "good girl" made me swoon.  He was more verbal than our first two meetings.  i loved that.  Finally, i figured it was time for me to say something to him.  "i love being your girl. i want to be your sissy."

i could tell from his reaction that he loved that.  His moans were followed by an aggressive thrusting of his cock into my mouth.  "Then be a good sissy girl and please me" he said.

Yes, i pleased him this morning.  More than once.  i wonder if he knows just how much i'm pleasing myself when doing so.