"What Color Panties....

...are you wearing today?" Jake asked me as soon as i answered his call yesterday afternoon.  It was the very first thing he said and i felt excited and relieved at the same time.  Excited just by the way he said it; dominant, firm and demanding of an answer.  Within the question lied the insinuation that i had better be wearing panties.  Relieved that the question was proof that he was more interested in my feminine side that i thought.  The fears i relayed in one of my earlier posts were more imagined than real.

"i'm wearing pink ones" i told him. 

"Describe them to me" he said.

i went on to describe the pair of pink, size 6, cotton candy colored Jockey bikini panties i was wearing.  They were sort of "striped", with two different shades of pink stripes running horizontally on the panties, one stripe a deeper shade of pink than the other to provide contrast.  i own several similar pairs, mostly pink but one in white and another in blue.

"I bet you look very sexy in them" he said.  i blushed, not knowing what to say.  "i try to" i said.

"Good girl" he answered. 

Wow.  What a feeling to hear that from him.  It made me feel so feminine and in need of his attention.

We talked for about 20 minutes.  Jake admitted that it was a good idea to meet Diane and even suggested that at some point I meet his wife so that she could also view me as a new friend or golfing buddy.  We're going to try to meet this Friday at the gym and i will have him over "for coffee" after our workout!  Diane will be at work and it will be just the two of us.  i'm a little nervous, hoping that everything goes just right!