Girlie Stuff

i had to be away for a couple of days because of my part-time consulting commitment, but that doesn't mean I didn't have time to fantasize about Jake and a few other sissy things.  Unfortunately for Diane however, she's not going to be seeing Brian until next week.  Brian's absence has her really looking forward to their meeting and taking steps to make sure everything goes well.  i've already been forewarned to make my self disappear next Wednesday afternoon and evening so they can have time together!

i've written a few times about the "art" of dressing in a feminine manner, not just in terms of what you're wearing, but how you put things on and take them off.  Learning how to put a bra on and fastening it was one of the things i had a difficult time with but thanks to Diane's insistence on my practicing it over and over, it's now second nature.  Another thing that's important is how to put panties on and take them off in a feminine way.  This photo shows a woman who is very elegantly slipping her panties either on or off.  The legs are kept close together rather than the knees bent up and trying to shove a leg through the right opening!  When sliding panties on, i always bend my right leg at the knee but bring it straight up, holding the panties directly in front of me until i can slide my foot through the leg opening.  It's much more ladylike!

With the economy teetering on another recession and unemployment a persistent problem, most people fear hearing the term "pink slip."  i tend to have different thoughts when hearing it!  The slip as a woman's undergarment seems to be a rapidly disappearing thing.  i always found my mother's and sisters' slips to be so elegant and pretty.  Diane has some but i doubt she wears them very often.  i have a few of my own but they're ones i bought many years ago.  Of course, my favorite is the pink slip with lace on the bodice and around the hem.  Remember the old saying "Pssst, your slip is showing"????  i also remember my sister owning a half slip with the panties built in!  It was a pastel green with lace scalloped lace around the edges.  That particular item provided me with fodder for many a masturbation session!

The background in this photo isn't the sexiest (looks like some pretty primitive office setting) but the look of that woman with beautiful legs dangling her shoe off her foot is to die for!  i think it is so damn sexy.  i've seen women do it and even Diane has done it from time to time.  i always thought that it was a very deliberate and coquettish move by the woman, fully cognizant that she either had or would quickly get the attention of any males around.  It's also a pretty suggestive pose and act in my opinion.  i asked Diane once about it and she thought my ideas were silly, saying that most of the time she does it without even thinking about it.  Then, she finally admitted that once she noticed that it got some men's attention, she sort of liked it.  Just one more thing i should practice!