Cuckolding Keepsakes

My business trip lasted a day longer than planned this week, so i didn't get home until pretty late last night.   Diane knew what time i'd be home, which flight i was on, its status, etc., so She was able to plan Her time with Brian right down to the minute if She wanted to.  Brian was in town this week and they got to hook up twice; Wednesday and Thursday nights. 

i suspected they would get together this week, but didn't know for sure until after i got home.  As is typical of Diane, She withheld the information from me, instead mentally teasing me by making me wonder if She was in our bed with Brian while i was away.  As it turns out, Brian was in our bed making love to Diane right around the time my flight landed. 

Diane was waiting for me when i got home.  Waiting to be serviced orally after what She called "two awesome fucks" with Brian.  It was just another way for Her to taunt me.  She was in her black satin robe and looked like a woman who had just been completely satisfied by a "real man."  Only she still wasn't totally satisfied.  In Her opinion, "cuckolding isn't complete until the sissy cleans the wife."

Even though Brian used a condom (i know because the used ones were still laying on some tissues on the nightstand), Diane insists there's still cleaning up to do.  "The tenderness of your soft tongue is so soothing after deep fucking with Brian" she tells me. 

As i lay between Her legs, licking Her well used pussy, She tells me how She and Brian may soon eliminate the condoms.  "You'd like that wouldn't you?" She asks, not expecting an answer since my lips are busy.  i get harder and She knows the thought excites me.  "I'd enjoy it too" She says, "knowing that you'll be able to taste my lover so intimately.  I've tasted him too you know.  Directly from the source."

Like any good submissive, i can tell when She's ready to cum.  She's stopped talking to me and soon She's in the throes of another orgasm, holding my head in place and telling me to "Suck and lick."  When it subsided, She even thanked me and told me to lie on my back.  i rolled over and felt a wet spot on the bed that I hadn't noticed before.  A wet spot from Diane's lovemaking with Brian.

i can feel the dampness of their juices on the middle of my back as Diane spreads Her gorgeous ass cheeks over my face.  i lick Her ass without being told.  She is facing my feet and can see how hard my little cock is as it juts out of the panties.  As i lick, she begins to toy with it softly, "sissy masturbation" or "milking" style.

"You know, Brian's mentioned several times how he'd like to fuck my ass" She tells me.  "I bet you'd like to clean that mess up wouldn't you?"

With those words, i couldn't help myself and made a mess, cumming on Diane's hand and in my panties.  She slid the panties off of me and cleaned up the mess with them.  She told me to keep licking Her.  "You just started for God's sake" She said.

When She had had enough, She got off of me and walked into the bathroom.  i couldn't help but notice that She left my cum filled panties on the nightstand, right next to the condoms filled with Brian's cum.  It's a cuckolding moment i'll ever forget.  i gazed at it in somewhat of a trance until Diane said "You don't have to change the bed tonight.  It's late.  Do it in the morning."  i slept on the damp spot.  It was on my side of the bed.

i did my housework this morning and changed the bed.  i'm now getting ready to have lunch then drive over to pick up Jake for our golf game this afternoon.   i'll be wearing pink panties just like he told me.  i guess i was born to take orders.