Cuckold Disappointments

Diane's had a wonderful evening with Her lover Brian on Wednesday night.  She got home a little earlier than expected and had me run Her bath.  She shaved her legs, did some trimming of Her pubic hair and had me give Her a pedicure (something i'm getting better at.)

For me, the time i spent helping Her prepare for Brian was the highlight of the evening.  To most cuckolds who fantasize and enjoy the humiliation of seeing their wives up close with another man or forced to service the two of them in some sexual way, the evening would have been a major disappointment.  i was disappointed also, but i realize that this is about Diane's pleasure first and foremost, and not mine.

Even though i'm writing about this from a submissive cuckold's point of view, the reality of it is that what happens, or doesn't happen, is all likely to be driven by my Wife's desires and not mine.  Wednesday night proved just that.  And with Brian staying over for the evening and the both of them leaving early enough on Thursday morning, it wasn't until last night that Diane and i had a chance to talk about what transpired.

Basically, when Brian arrived i wasn't dressed in anything pretty or made to look like an effeminate sissy cuckold.  i looked like just any other man with my khaki's and golf shirt.  i offered him a drink which he declined and just had a bottle of water.  Diane had a glass of wine and they sat out on the back patio and talked for about a half hour alone.  Then they made their way upstairs for nearly three hours of lovemaking.  i prepared dinner for them which the three of us enjoyed together.

Most people would expect a tense and awkward dinner conversation after what had just taken place.  i know i did.  But not with Diane.  She drove the conversation and talked about everything from the nation's budget battles to the local weather.  i cleaned up after dinner while they sat in the living room watching a basketball game and just as i was about done, Diane announced that they were headed upstairs and kissed me goodnight.

There was no "surprise" that Diane had alluded to.  i was a little relieved about that but disappointed as well.  The biggest disappointment was that i was not involved at all, other than to help Her prep for Brian and serve dinner.  i felt lonely and left out.

Diane's explanation for what happened was pretty simple.  "Some things take time to develop" She said.  She has Her own fantasies and thoughts on cuckolding me and knows what mine are.  It's tough to accept, and even tougher to hear but my own thoughts and fantasies are secondary to Hers.  "I want to include you in this some, but Brian has to be ready for it also" She said almost clinically, as if She was overseeing a patient's rehabilitation or something similar.

It's at times like this that Diane can come across as being cold, calculating, devious, aloof and self-centered.  When it comes to Her personal sexual gratification, i suppose She's developed into just that type of woman.  i have to learn to live with that.

There's another Diane though.  The one who, after last night's conversation, told me to go upstairs, "pretty yourself up and wait for me."  We made our own special kind of love late into the evening and talked past midnight.

"You're going to be tired tomorrow.  You have to work" I told Her.

"So what" She said, "you're worth staying up late for."

No wonder i love Her so much.


sissy terri