A Postponement

Just a few minutes ago a very disappointed Diane called me to let me know that Brian wouldn't be coming over this afternoon.  His meeting in town is going to last most of the day and he has to be back home tonight so their next sexual encounter probably won't take place until next week. 

i've been nervous about this so i'm relieved in a way, but it's inevitable that sooner or later, Diane's going to set something up where i'm a "more active cuckold", the term She's used a few times this week.  It's something She definitely wants, and something She insists i want as well. 

i worked real hard to make sure the house looked meticulous and that the master bedroom was just the way Diane wanted it, with some clean black satin sheets on the bed.  i forgot to ask Her if She was still taking the afternoon off and if She wanted me to change the sheets back to the one's we usually use.  i sent Her an email but haven't heard back yet.

Diane was disappointed in Brian's last minute cancellation but seemed to understand.  It pointed how difficult these types of things are to pull off.  It's easier for Diane than it is for Brian.  She doesn't have to sneak around to plan their little trysts.  She's not hiding anything from me and i'm even expected to rearrange my own schedule to accommodate Her's and Brian's. 

With all my housework completed and everything else caught up, i may have a free afternoon if Diane decides to work.  If She does, i may give Jake a call to see if he's still free and available to get together.  He sounded eager and even horny when he called earlier this week.  I hope that hasn't changed.


sissy terri