Being a Submissive Wife

Diane's not going to be seeing Brian this week and I'm also not going to be seeing Jake.  Her week is a pretty busy one while mine is mostly focused on my housekeeping duties.  i only have a few hours of consulting work to wrap up but other than that, my time will be spent trying my best to be a good housewife for Her.

During the weeks when Diane isn't that busy and She's not able to see Brian, She seems bothered by it.  i've asked Her if She misses him many times and each time Her answer is the same:  "I miss the sex" She says.  The last time i asked Her this i followed up with a question of my own.  "Do you just miss the sex?  Don't you like his company or companionship?" i asked Her.

i was a little surprised by Her answer.  Despite Her many reassurances since She began seeing Brian that She was doing this strictly to fulfill her carnal needs, i couldn't help but think that She'd develop some level of emotional attachment to him.  She didn't answer my question immediately, instead pausing a little before telling me that yes, she did like Brian's company but nothing more than that.  "He's a nice guy and all, handsome, smart, sexy, but like I said, I like the sex." 

Maybe it's the biases i carry with me.  i always found it hard to believe that a woman could get sexually involved with a man without developing some form of emotional attachment.   i have no doubt that Diane likes being with Brian and that the sex they have is something they both seem to enjoy.  They talk on the phone often and when they do, it's obvious She's liking it.  i'm amazed at how She can remain so emotionally detached. 

As for me, i think i'm going through one of those moods that Jake talked about; periods where his bisexual yearnings aren't that strong.  i'm feeling the same way.  We still email each other regularly and he's out of town this week which is just as well.  i'm currently very content just being Diane's submissive wife. 

She'll be home soon and i'll greet Her in one of my frilly aprons.  Whatever happens after that is all up to Her.  i'd be just as content massaging Her feet as She relaxes on Her favorite chair as i would submitting to Her in the bedroom.  i might have my own desires and preferences, but Hers come first.