Her baby cuckold

When my wife's lover Brian cancelled their planned meeting on Wednesday, I thought Diane would be more upset about than She was.  She had rearranged her appointments and schedule on Wednesday afternoon so She could see Brian, and that is no small task; a lot of work for nothing.  Coupled with the disappointment of not having sex with Brian, I thought She'd be in a foul mood. 

i wanted to meet with Jake on Wednesday afternoon if Diane decided to work.  i called Her to ask permission to see Jake and find out what Her plans were.  First She denied me permission then told me She would be home early.  The denial was initially disappointing to me but i figured She was coming home early and that was the reason.  You could say it was part of the reason.

Sometime around two o'clock Diane called and said She was about a half hour away and told me to get dolled up for Her arrival.  "Wear something very pretty, pink and ruffly" She said, "I'll be home soon, I have just one errand to run."  Pretty specific instructions.  i enjoy being told exactly what to do and wear. 

When She arrived i had on a pink babydoll, pink ruffled panties, some white thigh highs (i don't have pink) and some pink slippers.  Diane complimented me on how well i followed instructions.  After some idle chatter about her shortened work day and how nice the house looked, we made our way upstairs for what turned out to be a rather long session of lovemaking.  FemDom lovemaking, the way She likes it. 

The black satin sheets i had put on the bed that morning were still there.  Diane chuckled and said that had She known i was the one "who'd be getting laid this afternoon instead of me" then maybe She would have insisted on pink sheets.  The black was fine with me.  It made me think of Diane and Brian making love.

Instead, i worshiped Diane as best as i could, trying to cover every part of Her lovely body with kisses, paying attention to some parts more than others.  She had several orgasms, the first one was the most powerful with each subsequent one lessening in intensity, although She seemed to enjoy the smaller ones just as much. 

"I think it's time for me to make love to you honey" She said softly as we lay on the bed.  She had me get her strap-on and the lubricant while She went into the closet and came out with a satin black blindfold She put over my eyes.  "Just a little surprise for you" She said.  "No peeking and no touching that little baby clitty of yours."  The ruffled panties were stretching because of my arousal, and i almost came when Diane rubbed me softly through the ruffles.

She had me kneel on the bed while She put the strap-on on Herself, something i usually do for Her.  She got on the bed, laid back, and pulled my head down to the make believe penis between Her legs.  "Show me how you suck Jake's cock" She said, "I want to see the things he makes you do with your mouth."  i began to suck it like i usually do. 

"Come on" Diane said "show me what he likes, there must be some little things that he enjoys and tell you to do."  i could feel myself getting all embarrassed as She urged me on.  i began to suck and play with the strap-on just the way Jake likes it, swirling my tongue in circles around the head, and flicking it over the slit on the top, followed by taking it as deeply as i could.  Diane seemed to enjoy my performance, often telling me that She did the same things to Brian.

Satisfied that i had shown her how i sucked Jake's cock, She had me lay by the side of the bed with my legs up in the air while She stood there ready to make love to me in the diaper position.  It was a fitting position for the exchange that would later take place. 

With the blindfold on, i felt Diane apply the lubricant between my cheeks and could tell She was also putting it on the strap-on.  She always uses plenty of lube, wanting to make sure She slides into me as easily as possible.  She's more into the gentle approach then anything else.   "Are you ready for me?" She asked.  i told Her i couldn't wait.

The initial feeling of Her pressing against me before penetration is a lovely one.  She leaves the head of the strap-on there for awhile and gently moves it around before applying just a little bit of pressure.  It's a tease, but i love it.  When She starts to penetrate it's not very deep and each stroke just goes a wee bit further.  Even though She wasn't going in all the way, i could feel an orgasm building and just a few moments away.  She sensed the same thing and pulled out completely, telling me She wasn't ready for me to cum just yet. 

i could tell She stepped away for a moment but within a few seconds was back between my things, lifting them up and putting them over Her shoulders, a sign She was ready to take me deeply.  The next thing that happened took me totally by surprise.

"Open your mouth" She said.  i obeyed and She inserted what seemed like a rubber pacifier into my mouth.  "Now suck it like a sissy baby."  She slid into me and began thrusting back and forth.  i sucked and in no time, had a huge orgasm while She was deep inside of me.

i went to take the pacifier out of my mouth to thank Her but She shoved it back in and told me to keep it there.  "Let's talk" She said as She climbed onto the bed and took the blindfold off.

"I looked at your tumblr blog last week and saw all the pictures you've posted, including those that you like, which aren't on your public postings.  Seems like you have a thing for baby stuff that you haven't shared with me" She said.

For a minute, it sounded as if She was accusing me of hiding something from Her, which wasn't the case at all.  She has access to all my passwords, accounts, blog postings, etc.  But that wasn't the case.

What had happened was last week, a sissy friend on tumblr asked me if Diane would review her blog and let her know what She thought about it.  i asked Diane and She said She'd do it.  A day or two later Diane reviewed the blog and found it very similar to mine and said She liked it.  She found our taste to be quite similar. 

While reviewing the blog, She also looked at mine.  She discovered some photos that i had marked as "likes" which don't show up on my tumblr postings.  Some of the pictures were of sissy babies or adult babies. 

Still sucking on the pacifier, She asked me if those pictures turned me on, telling me to just nod yes or no.  In some ways they do, but not nearly as much as other things, but i couldn't lie and nodded affirmatively.  "You should have told me.  There's no reason to hide anything like that from me" Diane said.  "I like you sucking a pacifier while I make love to you, it keeps you  nice and quiet" She laughed.  i was aroused all over again.

"You know, my original plans were to have you stand in the corner over there in a maids uniform while I made love to Brian.  I may have to change my plans a little" She said with a smile.  "Maybe we can put our baby on a baby blanket at the foot of the bed with a pacifier while he fucks me.  Would my sissy baby like that?"

"i don't know" i said nervously.

"I know you would" She replied.