"Now...Show Me your Panties!"

It's been a real nice, quiet and emotionally productive weekend for me and Diane.  It didn't seem like it was going to start out that way on Friday night when She got home from work.  What followed soon after she walked through the door was about 15 minutes or so of tension between us and plenty of anxiety on my part.  Let me explain.

I was dressed in very casual feminine attire; a pair of black women's slacks, a white women's oxford shirt, white bra and panties, black knee high nylon socks and a pair of black ladies flats.  The outfit wasn't the most feminine and might not even have raised an eyebrow if i were out in public at first glance.  A second look however would have immediately revealed the hint of my bra through the shirt, followed by other noticeable things.

Diane greeted me with a nice kiss (a more sensual one than usual),  put her things down on the island in the kitchen and announced that her friend Linda would be here in just a minute.  She had followed Diane home and needed to pick up a file that Diane had forgotten to bring to the office that morning.  I panicked a little and told Diane that I was going to quickly disappear and change.

"Don't be silly.  you look fine.  Relax" She said dismissing my idea.

"It'll just take me a minute.  Just to be safe" I said ignoring her suggestion.

"What?  Stop being silly" She said once again then with more authority and emphasis in her voice announced "you're NOT going to change!"

Just then, the doorbell rang and Diane looked at me with her hands on her hips.  I knew what the look meant, but hesitated before finally asking her one more time if I could change.  "No.  Now get the door" was what She said.

i opened the door nervously and with trepidation and greeted Linda.  She gave me her usual hug and asked how everything was going, had I been staying busy, etc. We chatted briefly as She came into the house and walked down the hall towards the kitchen where Diane was.  Soon, the two of them were talking and Diane asked me to get the folder that sat on top of the desk in Her home office.  I did and brought it back and handed it to Linda.

"Oh thanks.  I'd love to stay but can't.  My niece has a piano recital tonight and I promised her I'd be there so I've got to run" she said.  After the pleasant good byes, Diane escorted her back to the door and she was on her way.

Diane closed the door, looked back at me from down the hall with that look of Hers and said "Wow, wasn't that real difficult?" 

i sheepishly apologized for acting the way i did.

"I accept your apology" Diane said with a sexy smile on Her face.  "Now, come here, pull down your slacks and show me your panties."

i approached Her and did as i was told.

She looked at the panties and smiled with approval, pulling me closer and giving me another sensual kiss as She caressed my behind.

"Next time, if you act like this I'm going to make you show your panties to Linda" She said teasingly and added "Don't ever be ashamed of being my wife!"

"i won't" i told Her.  "And i'm not."

We made wonderful love on Friday night.  Like two women, with Diane being the aggressor.  It all felt so nice and natural.  It's been a great weekend.