Signs of Femininity

Our two daughters are going to be here with us for Easter, with one of them arriving on Thursday night and the other Friday afternoon.  They're both here until next Wednesday and Diane will be taking a few days off so we can both spend time with them.

Their presence here demands that we make a few changes in the way we regularly live our lives.  i'm more than happy to make those changes, not because i don't enjoy our lifestyle, but it's always nice to have the both of them back home together.

Last night Diane mentioned that maybe someday we'll be grandparents and when the come over with our grandchildren, we'll have to make sure we "childproof" our home.  For this visit she said, we have to something similar.  She called it "sissyproofing" even though that may not be an accurate description.  We just need to make sure any overt signs of my submission to Diane and my role as Her wife aren't on full display.

In doing so, i'm realizing that there are so many subtle things that we/i have or do that hint at our lifestyle and my femininity.  Some, like my pink toothbrush, don't have to be stashed away because it's not on full display for everyone to see.  Other things, like my pink coffee mug that i use every morning are probably best stashed away until they leave! 

Our daughters' visit and Diane's and Brian's schedule these next two weeks also make it unlikely that they're going to be able to see each other.  Diane doesn't seem to put out about it this time.  She even seems to be in a better mood than usual and even appears to have become more sensually dominant with me over the past few days. 

When She got home from work last night, we enjoyed a nice glass of wine out on the back patio and rather than ask for a second glass, She took me to the bedroom instead so She could make love to me.  She told me that She'd been thinking of "making love to my wife" all afternoon.  i loved the comment and laughed a little when She said it.  She probably thought i didn't believe Her because She said "Seriously.  I have been thinking about it.  You may not think so, but I love fucking you like my wife."  i loved that comment even more.

She took Her time making love to me, which made me feel even more feminine and loved.  There was no rush and i did my best not to have an orgasm too soon.  i could only last so long though.  Knowing that Diane was enjoying what She was doing to me just drove me over the top.  i felt sexy, submissive, feminine and loved.  It was so satisfying.

i wanted to reciprocate and make Her happy, but She told me there was no rush.  "Why don't you get dressed, put on your apron and put a light dinner together.  You can please me later" She said.

i did as i was told and later in the evening, it was my turn to please Her.  i please Her much differently than She pleased me.  The way a submissive sissy pleases her Wife.  It was also very satisfying.


sissy terri