Family Love

Since i've been blogging, i don't think i've ever written about a certain aspect of mine and Diane's personal life, that's our family life beyond the two of us.  i met Diane when i was a year ahead of Her in professional school and we fell in love immediately.  We married a year later and about six months after that, with mounting tuition bills, discovered that Diane was pregnant.  Not long after that, we found it we were going to have twins!

We became the proud parents of two beautiful daughters.  Somehow, we finished our studies and with the help of family and friends who gave us their time and support, made it through the years of schooling and settled into our professions.  As to the girls, we've continued to be proud of them and they've never given us a reason not to.  We've been truly blessed.  One of them finishes graduate school this year while the other is still in medical school.

i only write about this because of a couple of things that popped up this past week.  The first was an email from a "sissy friend" in which she asked about family, and how it was possible to carry on our lifestyle if we had children.  The other was a conversation i had with Diane last night.  i think the fact that we are now almost entirely empty-nesters helps.  When the girls are home we do our best to act like any other couple.  We take every precaution we can to make sure they're not aware of Diane and Brian, other than to think he is just a good friend of ours. 

Diane's assertive personality and take charge approach to things are characteristics the girls are used to.  It's not to say that they view me as someone who has no say in our marriage, but rather as a spouse who is comfortable with a spouse who is their equal and not afraid to let Her make important decisions.  And, when the girls are home my feminine attire is limited to undergarments that are never visible and nothing else. 

There's always the possibility that they know more than we think they do.  That topic came up last night when Diane, out of the clear blue, asked me that very question.  "Do you think they suspect anyting?" She asked.  She reassured me there was no specific reason other than Her own curiosity that prompted Her to ask me.  She just wanted to know what i thought and She shared Her own feelings with me as well. 

Neither one of us think they suspect much of anything.  For starters, the lifestyle we have now didn't fully develop until after they were away at school most of the time. That's when it changed the most.  It's grown from there and as it has, we've both become even more careful. 

By every indication we've both been good parents.  We love them both and always will.  No matter what.  What's the worse that could happen?  That they find out about us?  If so, i would hope that they'd love us just the same.