Time For Changes

i've been thinking about making some changes to this blog for the last few weeks.  i hate to admit it, but it's become more difficult to find the time to convey my thoughts the way i have been since i started this endeavor.  i don't want to get rid of the blog altogether, yet i know that i can't post as often as i need to to make it interesting to my readers.

The demands of a of a Dominant Wife are real and take up plenty of my time.  Housework and other domestic duties are much more pleasant and easier in a fantasy setting than in real life.  Believe me when i tell you that cleaning an oven is real servitude, and not very sexy.  But it comes with the lifestyle i've accepted.

My part time consulting job has also taken a bigger chunk of time than i anticipated.  The schedule isn't always regular and neither is the travel, and that makes it difficult to sit down and compose my thoughts the way i'd like to.

i've decided to do something a little different.  i'm going to use this blog as a means to provide others like me, or those with similar interests as a resource for other Female Domination, Cuckold, sissy or similar blogs and websites.  In that way, i'm going to try to make it better in the long run.  There will be updates, but not very many dealing with my thoughts and feelings about the day-to-day relationship i have with Diane.  That's the biggest change.

Instead of relating my story here, i'm going to attempt to do it on my tumblr site of the same name "A Married Sissy."  i know tumblr is primarily a picture and photo sharing site, but it does provide the opportunity to inject some editorial content.  Tumblr's format seems like it will also encourage me to streamline my story and use photos  more to help get my point across.  There may even be a few pictures of yours truly and who knows, maybe even my beautiful wife Diane.

It's an experiment and we all know that many experiments fail.  If you're not familiar with tumblr, let me just say that it's very easy to use and navigate.  You can sign up very easily and become a follower of my tumblr blog.  There you'll see many pictures that i've reblogged and posted that you might enjoy and hopefully, soon, you'll be reading my story there.

This blog isn't going away.  It's just going to change and updates will take on a  new look.

So, please accept my invitation to join me at "A Married Sissy" for what i hope is a fulfilling experience for all of us :)


sissy terri