A Wifey and Cuckold Week

Unlike last week where i was away most of the time, i'm here all week and back into my housewife routine.  Diane's given me a list of things to do and errands to run and it should keep me pretty busy all week.

There's also a visit from Brian this week, but it's going to be a little different.  He won't be staying overnight but instead, seeing Diane here on Wednesday afternoon.  He has a Wednesday morning meeting and needs to be back home that night.  When Diane found out, she was happy to rearrange her schedule for Wednesday and called her secretary first thing this morning.

The idea of a midweek afternoon meeting between a woman and her lover adds a little naughtiness to the situation in my opinion.  In addition to cheating on their spouses (Diane's not really cheating since She is doing this with my full knowledge) there's also the added element that they should be busy at work.

The meeting is also going to be a pretty important step when it comes to my role as Diane's cuckold.  She seems to think that Brian is ready for more of my active involvement as Diane's submissive, although i'm not really sure what that's going to entail.  i do know that She wants me dressed in full feminine attire when he arrives and to be on my "absolute best submissive behavior."

Oddly enough, Jake called me this morning asking if we could get together some time this week and Wednesday afternoon was one of the options he had open.  i made an appropriate excuse and right now the plan is to meet on Friday.  Normally, i'd be looking forward to the Friday meeting with Jake but right now, the only thing on my mind is Wednesday afternoon.

i'm anxious and a little nervous.  Brian's apparent eagerness to have me present has me uneasy.  Maybe i am reading more into it than what's really happening.  Before, it made me less apprehensive because it seemed like the both of us were nervous.  Now it appears as though i'm the only nervous nellie!


sissy terri