Cuckold Night

i haven't given up on my plans to transition most of my story over to my tumblr blog, but it is a little more difficult than i thought it would be.  i woke up this morning realizing that today was another big day, a "Cuckold Day" for me.  One where my day would be filled with preparations for Brian staying over tonight.

Diane wants to have a nice dinner served to Brian, but a later one, after they've been through their first bout of lovemaking.  Her plan is to get home by around 4 PM and be ready when Brian gets here about an hour later.  Diane hasn't yet decided how She wants me dressed for the evening, especially to serve dinner.  Sissy Cuckold fantasy and even protocol might suggest that i be in a maids uniform, but Diane said it could be much less formal than that and i will probably be joining them instead of just serving, but She hasn't ruled that out. 

Diane also mentioned She may have a little "surprise" for me this afternoon before Brian arrives.  i can only imagine it's something special for me to wear.  i know better than to press Her for details.  When She says it's going to be a surprise, that's what She means.  She has no intentions of telling me ahead of time. 

As i said, my plans to move to tumblr haven't been abandoned, but i am sheepishly admitting that i am giving it more thought.  i probably just need to relax a little and not feel pressured to post here.  If i can't post for a few days, or a week or so, then so be it.  We'll see.  i've developed a great many readers here and close friends and i don't want to lose that. 

Thank you for your comments of support either way.  They are all special to me.  Just like you are.


sissy terri