A Sissy New Year

i want to wish everyone a very Happy New Year and hope that 2014 brings all of you health and happiness.  Prosperity is nice but it doesn't guarantee or replace happiness :)

i'm excited about 2014 for so many reasons.  i've never felt as comfortable with who i am as i do now.  My marriage with Diane, as unconventional as it is, has brought fulfillment to both of us.  i strive to fulfill all of Her Domme fantasies with my submissiveness and understand what Her lover Paul provides.  It's not the "fantasy cuckold" relationship i think about, but it's working.

Jake's also brought much into my life.  Our time together is more regular and things are headed in the right direction.  Sure, there will be bumps and disappointments but i'm far better prepared to handle them than i was before.

Also, i'm confident that you'll like some of the changes you'll see to my blog this year.  Some of these include:

  • A new contributor who should begin posting soon.  i'm sure you'll enjoy this lovely submissive gurl's viewpoint!  
  • More pictures, commentaries and articles about "sissy fashion."
  • i'm still considering this, but maybe a few more R-rated posts about my time with Jake
  •  A revitalization and possible reformatting of my blog listings.
With all that being said i hope i can keep the blog interesting and make it even better for everyone.  And please feel free to email me some suggestions.  i'd love to hear them.

Finally, January is the time where department stores all run their "White Sales."  i was thinking this morning that wouldn't it be nice if there were January White Sales for sissies?  Sales that would provide the most beautiful feminine finery and all in white!

i know pink is just about every sissies favorite color, but white lingerie and other pretty articles of clothing exude femininity!

Throughout the month, i'll try to post some pretty white items that have caught my attention.  Some have even sent me on a search for where to buy these lovely items.

Here's my favorite for today...a lovely white corset with (what else) ruffles and bows and gorgeous thigh highs!

i know Jake would find me irresistible in this.  i wonder if he would like to lace me up?


sissy terri